Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EOTD with the Sleek Circus Palette

I'm really excited to get my purchases from Haute Look this week! Especially the Urban Decay Stereophonic set. I have been eyeing it for quite a while, but I think it has just recently been dc'd. Anyway, I got it for $7, and it will be my first time trying out 24/7 pencils! I haven't done any real bright looks lately, so today I decided to play with the Sleek Circus palette. The color on the inner corner is actually the lime green from the palette, it turns almost neon yellow on me! Does this happen to anyone else? What I used: Concrete Minerals eyeshadow primer Sleek Circus Palette Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara e.l.f. all over color stick in Pink Lemonade Urban Decay lip gloss in Lust I stopped listing any face products I use a while ago, so I thought I'd list them today. Hard Candy face primer Jane tinted moisturizer in "natural" Covergirl pressed powder Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic kit I had to get in a weird spot by the window to take this, all my full face shots kept turning out blurry. I have bought so much makeup and bath stuff these last few weeks, too much in my opinion. So starting this weekend until near the end of September, I am going on a low-buy. I'm going to rediscover great products I already have, and hopefully this will help me curb my spending in the future. I'm ending the low buy in time for the Urban Decay book of shadows 3 :) Is anyone else on a low buy, or *gasp* even more awful, a no buy? How's it going for you? Since I started blogging I honestly don't think I've gone more than a week without buying some sort of cosmetic.


  1. My husband and I are saving money for a down payment on a house. I have bought one bottle of nail polish and NO makeup during the entire month of August. It's not that I'm on a "no buy" necessarily, but I put myself on a $200/month allowance, and it seems I'd rather spend it on going out with people... LOL

  2. Oooh very pretty :) Yeah, no buys for sure. Money is tight and I don't really have time to shop anymore! I think blogging makes me want to buy stuff so that when I run out of ideas, I can buy something new to write about. Also other bloggers are spending and blogging about hauls which totally stimulates me to get some stuff... overall though, I am just gonna try to use up all the stuff that I bought this summer (lots of lippies!)

  3. @Lissa: WOW, that's intense! You should be proud.

    @ndoodles: Other bloggers are DEFINITELY enablers! lol

    @PoorCollegeStudent: thank you! :)

  4. Love your eotd!

    I'm on a no buy.. been on one since I got a traffic ticket about a month ago. I think I may end it soon though, after the end of this month. But then it's a low-buy for a while after. D: I've tried not to browse makeup blogs much so I don't tempt myself... it's been hard. >_>

  5. I am on a low buy - no full sized products. I am without a job and don't want to go into debt while waiting for the next one over makeup.

  6. Very pretty look.
    I'm going on a no buy after the UD Naked palette comes back in stock. I just purchased the Book of Shadows 3 so hopefully it will come today and a few more full size Shiro cosmetics shadows and that's it haha *she says*

  7. I was on a no buy for more than a month, while I was saving up for a Fyrinnae haul, plus we're pretty poor right now. Thank GOD Wendy sent me two swap packages! When I bought my Fyrinnae stuff, I did buy a couple of polishes and a Milani lipstick that I've always lusted after but that only cost about £6 total. Now I'm on a low buy at least, think I'm gonna save for the BOS.

    And I have that thing with the Sleek palette green too, but I kinda like it :)

  8. Lovely EOTD!!I'm on a low buy too or maybe on no buy. On Tight budget after few purchases.

  9. Holy crap, this might be my favourite of all the EOTDs you've done! :D

    I haven't been on it long, but I'm doing okay with my low buy. I have to admit I spent 3 weeks worth of my budget in one day, but I havent bought anything in the 3 weeks since then. And I've just spent a fucktonne on presents for my friend's 21st and I have to pay back a friend, so I don't think I'll be buying anything for ages :|

  10. This look is simply gorgeous :)
    The same as Silhouettescreams, this is my favourite of all your fotd you've done.
    The combo is great and well blended, well done honey ;)

  11. This is such a fun look, I love the yellow and pink.

    I'm also on a low buy but my desk has an ever increasing number of post-its suck around it with lists of places I want to buy from and shades I want to buy :)

  12. lol yeah my no buy turns into more buy :) I like the yellow and pink together!

  13. WOW, love it.. you did a great job here :)

  14. Ooooh! Love the color combo. Will have to try this!

  15. I just came off my low buy and totally splurged :) but I will have to go back on my working-two-shifts-a-week budget now. Sigh.

  16. I'm going on a no buy (other than foundation which is necessary) for awhile. My plan is to go through all the makeup I don't use for whatever reason and donate it to a battered womens shelter. This will probably last at least until the next Hi Fi sale.

  17. I really like that color combination too. I have been on a no-buy for a while, but I guess it doesn't count since I make most of my own stuff. lol

  18. @Kim: :O A no-buy for that long would really suck!

    Kira: I never buy full sizes of anything, I'd go broke so fast that way!

    @Erline: SO JEALOUS! I can't WAIT for BoS3.

    @Robyn: I'm expecting a couple packages, so hopefully that will make it easier! I'll just have to scout for drugstore makeup sales for the next month.

    @Leira Yann: It seems like everyone's on low buy right now!

    @SilhouetteScreams: YAY THANKS! 3 weeks is a long time, that's really good.

    @liloo: thank you! I really had to work at the blending for this one.

  19. @ScrubbingUpWell: My laptop has a sticky-note thingy and my desktop background is covered with little digital sticky notes of places I want to buy from :P Great minds think alike!

    @KittenMittens: I'm really hoping that won't happen to me, lol

    @Sara H: Thank you! :)

    @Cydonian: I'd love to see how you interpret it :)

    @Jade Carver: I was splurging too, but sometimes people just need to calm it down... when I think of how much money I've spent on makeup, it's crazy.

    @Lucy: Foundation is deff. an exception for a no buy! That's a really nice thought :) I'm sure it would be appreciated.

    @Darling Girl: I feel like even if I made my own stuff, I'd still be ordering so much makeup! Everyone just makes so many different, pretty things.

  20. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Yay bright eyes. ^_^

  21. I'm about to be on a bit of a low-buy too. Have been spending WAY more than usual for the last couple of months (came into a windfall and then had a three-paycheck month), but it's coming to a close, booooo! Back to sensible, minimal shopping for me!

  22. pretty pretty pretty!!!!
    I'm on a no buy, been there for awhile. I've been jobless for a couple of months and it's taken its toll on me :P
    So how did I fix this? I got a job at Sephora. I start next week. The no-buy's going to H.e.. .
    Sad thing is, everything there is still super xpensive, and my favorite brands are still the indie ones anyways :P

  23. I've gone on a no-buy! Of course, it's easy when you have no monies. Now that I have money I'm like "aaahhh!! money = makeup...then gas for my car later!" My priorities are not right, haha.

    Love the look. You're blending is getting so much better.

  24. very colorful and pretty... I wanna get the circus palette too =)

  25. I love the colors you combined! So bright and pretty!

  26. I love the look !
    I am a total binger... I don't buy for a month, then I spend loads ! Nevermind there's loads of stuff in my drawers I have never used !
    That's it, when money runs out this time I am making a point of using the stuff I already have !

  27. @T, the Bee: Thank you!

    @princessfats: That's what I did, big paycheck= mucho makeup. I feel justified by the fact that Stila and Urban Decay were on Haute Look though, I mean, I had to jump on those deals before they sold out! Right? Right.

    @MissTat: I saw your post saying that, I am soooo jealous!

    @Julissa: That is my train of thought exactly, I try to make that last teeny bit of gas last until payday so I can order some makeup instead :P Thank you so much! Your blending is amazing, so that means a lot to me. I've really been working on it.

    @Amandita: I like the Acid and Sunset palettes better, but it's still so nice for the cheap price :)

    @kathyeffingjacobs: Thanks! :)

    @MartianDelights: It's ok, I'm sure we all have drawers full of unused stuff. :P I'm going to try and use lots of my shadows that I've never touched while I'm on my low-buy.