Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 mini Etsy reviews: Skin Journey & Lethal Lathers

So, I finally bought my own laptop! You would think that would mean I would have been actively blogging the last few days, since I can now do so from the comfort of my own room... but no. I've just been catching up on True Blood. >:) I recently received orders from some etsy shops I discovered, and since they were just really small orders, I thought I'd combine the two "mini reviews" into one post.Thank goodness blogger decided to flip half my pictures so they look stupid, now people have a warning sign my blog sucks without even reading what I have to say... *sigh* First up is Skin Journey! I love their whole theme of all the scents being based off of different locations. As someone who is desperate to see the world (but too desperately broke to do so), this idea really appeals to me. I just checked my email to see when I ordered -at 12:09 AM on the 12th-, and they got it shipped out by later that day! Pretty awesome. I wanted to try out some of their scents, so I ordered three sample sizes of lotions, which are fairly priced at $2.50 each. When I got it, they included a sample of their Peruvian Chocolate soap, and a nice thank you note with a code for 15% off my next order. The scents I chose were Athens, Greece; Caribbean Islands; and Curacao Netherlands Antilles.I'm not going to go in-depth describing the scents here, but I will say I didn't really like Athens, Greece. It smells nice, but air freshener-y. Caribbean Island is ok, very fresh floral. Curacao is just awesome. I can't describe the scent, but I love it. I've already placed another order (last night, shipped out today) for some other scents to try, and they have a lot of other cool face products and lip balms I'd love to test out. Next up is Lethal Lathers. I'm really surprised that I haven't seen any other bloggers reviews this company, but I guess it is relatively new so I was just lucky enough to discover this gem first! Their soaps all have really cool names, inspired by the macabre, scary, etc. I love how they have samples available, and they are SO CHEAP! I ordered a set of 3 samples for just $2.50. I ordered this around 1 in the morning, and it also got shipped out the next day. Excellent! The samples are described as hotel soap-sized, which is dead on. Blogger flipped my pictures :( Isn't the packaging so cute? And all the soaps were nicely plastic wrapped and taped. Danse Macabre is a nice smell, kind of musky I guess? I can't describe it, but I like it. Dutch Annie just smells really clean and nice, I love it. As you see from the picture, Dia de los Muertos is already out of the packaging and in my shower. It has got to be one of my favorite scents of all time. It is AMAZING. If you buy samples, you've GOT to try this one! To me it smells like a really sugary lemon/orange, like a flavored buttercream icing or something. I'm not even a fan of lemon or orange scents (they are the lame citruses reserved for cleaning products), but this is amazing. I want to eat it while holding it tenderly and whispering sweet nothings. Uh... I've already placed another order (last night, shipped out today), because obviously I have to try Suspiria and Sookie! Don't even get me started talking about Suspiria or True Blood... geez (unless you want to discuss in the comments how David Gordon Green is doing a Suspiria remake- should be interesting. Also how hot Eric is. And Alcide). Two of my loves, now in soap form. The etsy shop says new scents and perfumes are coming soon, so I know I'll be ordering again! I have to get Dia de los Muertos in a perfume. Thanks for sticking through all my talking here! Have you tried out either of these companies? Are you planning to? Lethal Lathers has only made 40 sales, you should bump up that number and support an awesome new company!


  1. hahhahah " lame citruses reserved for cleaning products" !! I will have to check these ooot!

  2. I haven't checked either of them out...yet! Thanks for your review. I'll have to go check both of their etsy shops out later tonight! :)

  3. I just ordered the soap samples. :)
    I picked Dutch Annie too.

  4. As soon as I get paid, I'll check em out. :)

    Awesome stuff. :)

  5. I just ordered from lethal lathers.Like I need any more soap.

  6. @KittenMittens: So true.

    @The Peach: Yay! If you place an order for either, I'd love to know what you think :)

    @Leira Yann: Awesome! I just started following your blog :)

    @Julissa: yeah yeah do it :D

    @Lucy: lol me either, I have so many partially used bars sitting around.

  7. Thank you!!I just started it few days ago. I read your blog everyday. I really enjoy reading your blog. :)