Thursday, January 13, 2011

mumbo jumbo

This post is going to be just a random mix of stuff. First off, you should go to CVS to check out their Physician's Formula! Right now if you use your CVS card, you can get $7 off any powder, blush, bronzer, or concealer. Most of those things are around $12-15, so that's basically 50% off! This is only through Saturday, so go! Now! I also got a coupon on my receipt for $10 off any PF blush, powder, or foundation. These don't expire for 2 weeks so hopefully one of the CVS stores in town will get those cute new heart blushes... I guess I'll be moving next week, so maybe I'll have luck in Texas. Also, I got this blog award from Elyse, Cait, and Susan.
And this one from Dee.
Ok, 7 facts about me... 1. Most of my clothes are Abercrombie, Hollister, and Married to the Mob, my 3 favorite brands. All of them are overpriced but to say I am a bargain finder is an understatement. I think the most I've ever paid from any of those brands was $20 for an A&F hoodie. 2. The radio stations I listen to most are the college alternative stations, and the better of the 2 classic rock stations in town. I love a good pop song though! 3. I used to be a neat freak about my room, but it's been a DISASTER for the last few years. It is so messy I actually took a 'before' picture a few months ago, when you couldn't see any of the floor, but I haven't gotten to 'after' yet. I took out 3 full garbage bags of trash and you couldn't tell the difference. I'm moving in to my first apartment in one week and I vow to keep it clean! 4. My dream job would be to work on the X-Files, or fight demons with Sam and Dean (this season SUCKS by the way). Sometimes I get sad thinking about how these aren't real, "lol" 5. If you have read my blog long enough, you know I LOVE movies, all kinds, especially the weird ones. I'm always on the hunt to find the newest, most disturbing movie out there. Currently it seems to be "A Serbian Film"... kinda scared to watch it. The last awesome movie I saw was a doc called "Join Us", about some people escaping from a cult in California. 6. I'm a huge reader, too. 7. Feminism is a HUGE part of my self-identity. It is so important to me, and I am extremely outspoken about that, and my other beliefs. Ok, I have to tag 15 of you guys! Sorry if you've already been tagged or don't ever do these! I tried not to tag anyone who I've seen get tagged. Jerry Kathy Wendy Robyn Mindy Darcey Jill when she's back from vacation! Elizabeth Mai Diana Emily Kira & Lydia Carolina Helen Right now I am feeling very proud of myself that I think I used everyone's actual first names :D I also thought Elvira's Thursday Poll was a really fun one today.
1. Lip Of The Day? - MAC London Life lipstick, with the Bubble Lounge lipgelee on top.
2.What is the first movie you remember seeing in a movie theater? - I don't really remember it, but I know it was Lion King. Apparently I was OBSESSED with it as a kid.
3. What makeup or beauty item will people remember you by? - I don't have a signature beauty thingy ;_; Maybe sheer lipsticks?
4. What was your first and most beloved makeup purchase you remember buying? -The first makeup I can ever remember buying was this Jane eyeshadow duo with a light and a dark brown. I still have it! I use it for brow shading sometimes.
5. What was the first beauty blog you remember reading? - Phyrra and Gothique were the first beauty blogs I ever read :)
I'll round out with saying soon I'm going to do a post of some awesome beauty blogs, I have recently found a TON of really awesome new-to-me blogs! And lastly... Tuesday the 11th was National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. I know everyone probably has some cause or charity they're big advocates for, and this is mine. You can make donations here. Also very important is how much Australia could use help right now due to the horrible flooding. Two of the lovely ladies I tagged, Jerry and Kira, both live in areas very close to the flooding. There are so many people who have lost everything. You can donate here.


  1. Now I have to watch "A Serbian Film", although I don't know if I really want to. I read on wikipedia what it is about and it sounds so disturbing!

  2. YESH~! Time to stock up on PF stuff! I freaking love PF

  3. Have you seen Martyrs? It's a French film and supposed to be VERY disturbing. I've had it on my Netflix queue for about a year now and still don't have the balls to watch it!

  4. @Teipu: oh gosh haha I'm sure I will eventually...

    @Y: Me too, but I never want to spend that much money on drugstore stuff!

    @femputer: Mhm :) It's really not that bad. Even though I have a strong stomach for that stuff, I don't think it would even be that bad for most people to watch. There is one really horrible thing but thinking about how gross it is was actually way worse than when I actually saw it.

  5. Thanks for ze tag lady! :) And methinks I need to watch Join Us now.

  6. I've taken 'before' pics of my room before, and NEVER got around to the 'after' :P I'm hideously messy. i've implemented a 'floordrobe'.
    I want to watch 'A Serbian Film' it just sounds so ridiculous I'm hoping it won't actually be too disturbing.

  7. Thanks, lady! And now I'm curious about Serbian Film. If I just look it up on, say, Google or Wikipedia, and read about but don't watch it, I'll be safe, right? About to find out...