Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick & easy EOTD

Last night I went out for ice cream and wanted to throw something together really quick before I left. Blix's look from the other day was something that inspired me, and I wanted a really simple and soft look, so I borrowed from that. No open eye full face pics because they all look weird! What I used: Sugar, by Hi Fi (inner lid) Funkytown, by Aromaleigh (outer lid) Suffocation, by Evil Shades (crease) Tell Me Lies, by Hi Fi (highlight, blended) Revlon eyeliner in Very Violet L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara I also used a Fyrinnae lip lustre, Lollipop-Pop. Here's a closeup! What a gorgeous color, I need to collect so many more lip lustres! *_* After ice cream we played Just Dance for the Wii for hours- I am so obsessed with this, does anyone else have it? If you have a Wii, YOU NEED IT, it is so much fun. Who Let The Dogs Out is my best song :P I'm going out for sushi for lunch today, what are your plans? Also, I'm expecting my package from Shiro Cosmetics today, so hopefully a review soon, as well as a Glamour Doll Eyes review. I'll also post my Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure giveaway later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. The combo is interesting, maybe you should blend a lil bit more btwn the blue and white? What do you think about it ?
    Love the purple on the waterline its a great idea :), and the lips are gorgeous ;)

  2. Ooh, pretty! I'm waiting on a couple orders, too. Isn't mail awesome? Unless it's boring stuff like catalogues from my bank telling me I should get a credit card. Yeah, cause it'd be TOTALLY AWESOME to owe you guys money! /sarcasm.

  3. I really like it. I love the bow too. :)

  4. So cute! Lollipop-pop is one of my favorites!

  5. Very pretty! I love your bow. :3

    I've been wanting Just Dance for the longest time and still haven't got it.. But hearing you say it's a must-have will move it up the list of games to buy. :D

  6. Am loving the color combination. <3

  7. i LOOOVE the hair bow. Your teeth are so straight and nice =]

  8. I love the Fyrinnae lip lustres. :) That look is cute.

    I love the Wii. Love it, love it. I spend more time playing Wii Fit though. I can't do the bubble maze though. It's not pretty when I try.

    ~ Hoyden

  9. I was wondering why this looked familiar. Hee hee. You look so cute too! The hair bow and the lip lustre adds to it!

  10. Awesome! Super cute on you.... Lollipop Pop is adorable on you!

  11. @liloo: I have a real blending problem when I use two really different colors... I don't even try usually. It's something I really want to improve on!

    @Jade Carver: My 15 year old brother gets credit card offers all the time! haha

    @Makeup Zombie: thanks! It's a headband my friend got me for my birthday :)

    @Phyrra: me too, I haven't worn it in so long!

    @Lemon Bunny: You have to get it! It is so addicting. It's a real workout if you get into it like I do.

    @sugar sugar & kathyeffingjacobs: thank you so much!

    @Y: It comes from 4 years of braces, eeeew. I'm supposed to wear a retainer at night but I stopped, and now it doesn't fit in my mouth, so I'm scared my teeth will get unstraight, lol.

    @Hoyden: thanks! I would LOVE to have a Wii Fit, I bet my mom and I would both use it a ton. I wanna convince her to buy it, she's the one who got the wii in the first place :P

    @Blix: thanks! I really like how the lip lustre looked with the eyeshadows.

    @Robyn: thank you :)

  12. Beautiful look! I love the purple waterline and eyeshadow and Lollipop-pop is just gorgeous!

  13. I love this look on you hun! It really makes your eyes pop. I love the shimmery white/gold in the inner corners, really pretty. Go check out my blog, I gave you an award :)