Sunday, June 27, 2010

May/June Movies

It's time for my bi-monthly movie post, wheee! Here are the best movies I've come across during May and June. I'm adding a little blurb to each one this time instead of just posting the links and posters.
Deadgirl Not to be confused with "The Dead Girl", another good movie. Don't watch this if you don't like messed up movies. I very actively seek out movies that are fucked up, and I thought this one was pretty crazy. So if you are weak in the stomach or whatever, DON'T watch it. George Washington We watched this in my English class after the AP test. My teacher has very good movie taste (props if you're reading this cdubz). It's a pretty typical slow moving indie film, but I just really like the feel of it for some reason. The Skeptic I don't know why this isn't a more well known horror movie. I definitely screamed at least twice, and the whole thing was really intense and creepy. If you love a good haunted house movie, check this one out. The Incredible Shrinking Man I used this poster because the one with the spider on it was disgusting. I think this is really going to get me into 50's sci fi! It's seriously so engrossing, and although I don't want to keep using this word, intense. Seriously. Even if you're prejudiced against old movies, try this one out. Lost In Translation It's good just because it is. It's magical and lovely. Acolytes I was really surprised that it only has a 5.5 on IMDB... I thought it was a really engrossing thriller. I love thrillers that have teenagers in them. It had beautiful cinematography and some really suspenseful moments. Strangers On A Train One of Hitchcock's films that's not crazy well known, probably my new favorite of his (second is North by Northwest). Another really suspenseful film, I was completely on the edge of my seat the whole time. The Girl Next Door This is NOT the comedy Girl Next Door. It is the most horrific, disturbing, completely and utterly fucked up movie I have ever seen, and I don't think I will find anything to top it soon, in the distant future, or maybe ever. I'm just adding it on here so if you are interested in these kinds of movies, you have my word it will completely disturb you. The worst part is that is is based on the true story of Sylvia Likens, the most awful crime I have ever read about in my life. It makes Frontier(s) look like Barney. It makes Martyrs look like a Disney movie. It is even worse than Inside, my previously most disturbing movie choice (these last 3 are all French, they make the best horror films IMO). Watch it at your own risk. Splice I don't think this is still in theaters, so you'll have to wait for the DVD release. I'm really not a sci fi person, but this was super good. The director also made some other movies I love, like Cube, and Nothing. It definitely tries to raise some moral issues, but I still don't know what sides they were taking. Very interesting. The Babysitters This was a good watch-with-your-friend movie. It was interesting and definitely had that trashiness/shock value type thing that Lifetime movies have going on, except this had better acting and production value. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've seen or want to see any of these movies! I'm going to go watch one now, I think it's a toss up between Resident Evil and any standard Asian ghost horror movie. :) PS, I'm going to Fantastic Fest in Austin this September. Google it, it is the best film festival ever.


  1. Out of all of these, I've only seen Lost in Translation. XD I'm so behind with movies.

  2. OMG. I'm going to Netflix all of these bitches.

    And duuude, I was talking to my friend and was like "OMG LETS GO TO FANTASTIC FEST". Ever since you told me about it I've been wanting to go!

  3. :O You've seen Cube?!? You LIKE CUBE?!? AWESOME!!!
    I want a frikkin box set of those Cube movies.
    I want to see Splice as well.
    If you liked messed up movies, try to find Battle Royale, Japanese movie about a bunch of teens who have to kill each other to win (I may have already suggested this one lol, it's just THAT AWESOME!)

  4. Yeah. There is life before the girl next door, then there is life after. It literally changed my life... Scary shit. I love the babysitters, hilarious!

  5. Love Cube too! Gotta see that Splice! :)

    Oh my, you seriously intrigued me with The Girl Next Door. I probably won't watch it, just will read about it. :)

    Deadgirl had a couple of crazy moments, but wasn't scary at all. :) And I managed to watch it alone! Btw, Shiloh Fernandez (and Noah Segan to some extent) saved the movie. lol

    Have you seen Japanese "versions" (in reality - original scripts) of The Ring, The Grudge? I tried to watch, but couldn't make it... firstly because I was alone when I wanted to watch these, and secondly because these movies are much more disturbing than Hollywood versions. :) It was long time ago though, maybe it's not that scary, huh? :)

  6. @Painted Moogle: it's ok, most of my spare time is spent hiding from the world in my basement watching movies... >.>

    @Julissa: I <3 Netflix sooooooo much. Fantastic Fest will be the coolest weekend of all time, you should come! <3

    @KittenMittens: Cube was the shit! I love Battle Royale, that's been one of my favorite movies since I was 13 or 14 :)

    @KinkyKambria: I felt so dirty and disgusting watching it... it really is life changing in a way. Those are images you can never bleach from your brain.

    @HeavenNRJ: When I was reading about the real life court case quite a while ago, I just had to stop. It is so horrible, it really makes you lose faith in humanity. I have seen the Japanese Ring, but it's one of the only movies (actually, I think it's THE only movie) that I like the remake better. And I've seen all the Japanese Grudge flicks, even the crappy made for tv ones :D They had two different ones come out last summer but idk when they will be available in America. The Grudge movies terrify me, I love them.

  7. sakdaslkd I need to see Splice so bad, I've been itching to see it ever since I saw the creepy as fuck promotional images. D: it better come out here soon!

    Ugh and I'm going to look up that Girl Next Door movie, but I think I'm going to regret it haha

  8. Argh I just read up a bit on the Girl Next Door movie and the real life events, and I'm scarred by the coke bottle incident :( is that depicted in the movie? Because I wont watch it if it is

  9. It's not, but something in the same vein that's just as bad is. It doesn't really show it but it's fucking awful all the same.

  10. Ooh i love these posts, you always give me great new films to check out. Though personally i hated Lost in Translation :P

  11. Have you watched An American Crime? It's about Sylvia Likens, too. I cried like a baby when I watched it and then read the horrible story. It's just terrible that this sort of thing happens...

    On another note, I love Lost In Translation, and I reeeally want to see Splice and Girl Next Door :)

    I like this type of post, keep 'em coming!

  12. I live in Austin! ^_^ I think it's a pretty damned good film festival as well... the indie scene here is great for a number of things! My favorite movie ever is A Clockwork Orange... so your movie reviews are right up my alley! I look forward to seeing more! I love the woman from splice... even with all that makeup she's so elegant. I definitely want to watch these now so I can give educated feedback. ^_^ Actually, I recently watched Hard Core Logo... based on your movie likes you may like this one, too. (Sort of mockumentary style, but pretty awesome Canadian film) I LOVE this movie!!!!!

  13. I read your blurb about searching for the most fucked up movies and was going to recommend Martyrs, but then saw that you've already seen it. :p
    Feed is another disgusting/strange one, if you haven't seen it already.

  14. I feel sad, I haven't seen any of these. XD Then again, I'm an easily disturbed person and movies like Hostel make me feel uncomfortable, lol. Only one I saw randomly in the horror section a loooong time ago that I recall being kind of fucked up was this pos film called Bleeders..

    Hm, as for any japanese films, if you haven't seen Suicide Club or Tokyo Zombie, I recommend those. ^^

  15. @Lillian: Yay glad you like! I can see how some people wouldn't like Lost in Translation since it doesn't really have a solid plotline.

    @MissTat: Since I made it through Girl Next Door, that's one I want to see sometime. I like Ellen Page a lot. I'm glad you like the post! :D

    @T, the Bee: that's cool! I'm moving to Texas in August, I think Austin is only like a two hour or hour and a half drive, so I bet I'll be there a few times. You'll have to tell me cool things to do! It's so lame but I haven't seen a Clockwork Orange! I started it a few years ago but never finished. I'll have to look up Hard Core Logo.

    @casey aimee: I think my brother has seen Feed and told me it was gross... yay! I wanna see it :>

    @Kim: I have never seen Hostel... I tried watching it once when I was 15 and stopped it pretty quick. But by now I have gotten so desensitized I don't know if it would be bad at all. I love Suicide Club! And the sequel, Noriko's Dinner Table! I think there is supposed to be a third one at some point... idk it's been a while since I've looked up stuff about it. I've never heard of Tokyo Zombie, it looks cool though!

  16. I'll have to check some of these out...I've never seen any of them!

  17. I just hated the two main characters really. Bill Murray was just a prick and Scarlett Johansson was horrible to her husband! At least that's how i saw it. And i didn't like the many jokes like 'ha ha Japanese people are short and can't say 'rip'' :P

  18. I'll second the recommendation for Tokyo Zombie - it's pretty funny.

    I've been wracking my brain all week for the most fucked up movies I've seen (since that's also my husband's favorite kind of movie, and I've been known to watch them with him, when I can stand them). Actually one of my favorite movies that many consider fucked up is Pier Paolo Pasolini's Salo. If you haven't seen it, you might want to check it out. And then my other two recs are Miike films that you've probably already seen: The Audition (which I managed to watch) and Ichi the Killer (which my husband watched, but I couldn't stomach). I don't see in your blogroll, so I'll recommend that, too, as Rich likes similar films and reviews them from time to time. (Like Human Centipede.)

    Also, not super fucked up, but a great zombie movie some friends of ours made: Sick and the Dead.

  19. I would say that if you can handle The Audition and Dead Girl, you will be totally fine for Salo. It's mainly just gross (feces-eating) and a little violent (rape, and some razor blade eating), but not that gory, actually. I would say it's actually much tamer than stuff that's common today, but I think it just has that rap of being so boundary-breaking and controversial. But Pasolini meant to make a movie that unflinchingly reflected life in the fascist Republic of Salo (that he lived in as a young man), so it's supposed to be offensive. But I didn't find it hard to stomach at all.

    Here's the fourfour commentary/liveblogging-ish for the Criterion re-release - not too terribly spoilery, plotwise (although the plot is pretty simple, honestly), but might give you an idea of whether you want to watch or not:

    If you do watch it, let me know what you think.